Coming soon … “Loving the Enemy: Building bridges in a time of war” – can you help?

It’s been five years in the making, but on 6th November, “Loving the Enemy: Building bridges in a time of war” will finally be published. It’s been an immense privilege to discover and and write the story of my grandparents, Fred and Rike, for theirs is a story that deserves to be told – one of courage and determination to love when it would be so easy to hate.

It is the beginning of the Nazi era. Fascinated by the terrible political spectre unfolding in Germany, and with vague notions of building bridges, Fred Clayton, a grammar schoolboy from Liverpool, and brilliant Cambridge scholar, leaves the comfort of the halls of Cambridge and makes a troubled journey to discover first-hand what life must be like to live under the despotic regime. Arriving in Dresden, he develops a friendship with a German family that will change his life.

Through the course of the next decade, with his and their nations at war, Fred will not forget the connections that have been made and refuses to allow hate to win. 

After the war, with Dresden in ruins, reflecting his own state of mind, Fred writes to the same German family. Will he find the healing, love and redemption he seeks?

from the back cover, Loving the Enemy: Building bridges in a time of war

Could you help me tell this story? I’m looking for people to join the launch team. I will give you a preview copy of the book and in exchange ask you to read it, review it, and spread the word about it, so that as many people as possible can be inspired by Fred and Rike and their lives and love.

If you’re interested, please get in touch by filling in the form below. Thank you!

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