The Centurion

My name is Marcus Justus Loginus.  I am a centurion of the Sebastii cohort based at Herod’s fortress in Jerusalem.  It’s our job to keep the peace.  Not an easy task when it’s Jewish festival season.  Hundreds of thousands of people flock from all over the country for their celebrations – and there’s almost always trouble. They get together … Continue reading The Centurion

“The Last Hour” – A Devotional Service – “Father forgive”

Based on the Passion narrative from Mark's Gospel Hymn:        My song is love unknown Reading:     Mark 14:43-52 Reflection:    Judas Iscariot – “The guilt won’t let me go” Dear Rabbi, I’m writing this although I know it’s too late.  I wish I could turn back the clock, undo what I’ve done, but I know that there’s no going back – … Continue reading “The Last Hour” – A Devotional Service – “Father forgive”

Last Hour at the Cross – A Service for Good Friday

Based on the Passion readings from John’s Gospel Reading:        John 18:28-40            Reflection:    Pontius Pilate – Playing the blame game (Part 1) He really ruined my day, you know.  All was going well in Jerusalem until he came along.  I was doing my bit, keeping law and order – which isn’t easy to do with that riff-raff, especially when it’s … Continue reading Last Hour at the Cross – A Service for Good Friday