Jesus the King and his crazy glory

written when Easter Sunday happened to be April Fools’ day

Part 1

I want to tell you the real story
of Jesus the king and his crazy glory.
He broke all the rules, didn’t play by the book
Want to know why? well let’s take a look
Begin at the beginning, with his birth
Circumstances of which were quite absurd.
If you were a king you’d be born to a queen
In a castle or palace, you know what I mean!

This king was born and placed in a manger
Where, if you ask me, he was in danger
Of being eaten by animals or at least licked
Not the birth place I’d have picked.
As for his mother she was dirt poor 
and came from Nazareth (somewhere obscure).
The father was God – or that’s what they said,
(Though sceptics scoffed and blamed Joseph instead).

And the first ones to visit this family
Were men who had sheep for company,
then wise men from distant lands afar
lined up to pay homage – they’d followed the star.
It was all a bit weird, no nobles in sight,
Not the normal guests that kings would invite.
All in all, so far and so strange,
Can you believe God this would arrange?

Then what we get is three decades of silence; 
When he could use the time to form an alliance 
Of powerful people to back up his claim,
Paving the way for power and fame.
Instead he settled for obscurity:
A lifetime of learning, obeying Mary.
He took up his tools, and learned his dad’s trade
Until God gave the nod – it was God’s game he played.

When the time came to step into the light,
He still didn’t seem to get anything right.
He stayed in the North, far from centres of power,
Said something about it not being his hour.
He spent all his time with all the wrong folk –
to outcasts and poor, the good news he spoke.
The good news he spread through great acts of healing;
he even touched lepers, now that’s not appealing.

The people they loved him – well, most of them did.
Others were jealous and planned to get rid
of this rabbi who simply made them look bad
and threatened their power (what power they had).
But he wasn’t afraid of the powerful folks;
Instead they became the butt of his jokes.
As you imagine this didn’t go down
well with the ones who were close to the crown.

In Jerusalem (the capital city)
the leaders formed a deathly committee.
Dark deeds were plotted, they formed a plan
That would end the life of the miracle man.
So, they waited and watched, bided their time
for the perfect moment to commit their crime.
And soon that time came – the Great Festival.
This man would be silenced once and for all.

This King knew their plans, saw into their hearts
Could have stayed where he was, didn’t need to depart.
But obedient to God, he made his way down
to Jerusalem (that is, David’s old town).
There crowds greeted him, hailed him as King
Lining the streets to cheer and to sing
songs of joy and of hope – a new day was dawning.
By the end of the week, they’d all be mourning.

It went downhill so fast, the vengeance was swift
Jesus’ friend Judas gave them a gift
– in exchange for some money – he’d show them where
to capture Jesus, when no-one was there.
So, dead of night, they came armed to the teeth
to arrest this King, this prince of peace.
As for his friends – well, most of them fled,
Left him alone to face the trial ahead.

The rulers now had him right where they wanted
they beat him and tortured, his words they distorted.
They lied and colluded, schemed and connived,
He wouldn’t be leaving this city alive.
He was sentenced to death and nailed to a cross.
The rulers had triumphed, showed who was boss.
“This King, what a fool!” they sneered and said,
“His dream is over, it’s finished, he’s dead.”

And is that the end of this King’s story?
Has it really finished, with death, not with glory?

Part 2

So far and so bad, the King is now dead.
Laid in the tomb, when all friends had fled.
They must have felt foolish to trust in this man,
To have dared to dream, to follow his plan.
Grief-stricken and stunned, they all hide away
Until early in the morning one special Sunday 
Two Marys and Salome head to the grave
Find the stone rolled away from the front of the cave.

Jesus’ body’s gone – there’s an angel instead
Tells the disbelieving women he’s alive, he’s not dead.
“He is risen, as he told you, this is how it had to be.”
Then Mary turns round, and through tears she can see
The risen Lord Jesus who calls her by name – 
“Mary” – “Rabboni”, on her knees she exclaims.
Then he sends her to tell Peter and all Jesus’ friends
That this story’s not over, this is not where it ends.

And it doesn’t stop there, no it just carries on
as the disciples pick up their Saviour’s baton
They give all they have to tell people the news
Of this crazy King’s love for Gentiles and Jews.
He died, but he’s risen. There is hope for mankind,
Through the deepest of darkness a new light will shine.
Hatred and death your day is now done
For hope, love and life the victory have won.

And this foolish King looks to me and to you
invites us to be part of this story too.
Will we, with his flame burning inside
Tell others of grace and hope that’s alive.
Will we be fools for Christ, he invites us to choose
To give up our rights – we’ve nothing to lose –
Because we’ll gain life in all of its glory
Taking our place in his everlasting story.

Through his words and his deeds his message rings through
that God’s love is boundless for me and for you
Wherever we’ve strayed, whatever we’ve done,
there’s always a way back to the arms of the Son.
Thanks to the events of that Sunday morning
There’ll always be hope that a new day is dawning.
So, come let us celebrate Jesus the King
and hope that he makes us as foolish as him.

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