Mary’s Story

The following is based on Luke 1:26-56

Do you ever wonder whether something’s really happening to you, or if it’s just a dream? Well, a few months ago, I was at home, doing my chores when I looked up and a man was standing there. He’d just appeared out of nowhere. Light shone from him, I was dazzled by him. I was terrified. And then he spoke to me,

“Greetings, favoured woman, the Lord is with you!”

I was troubled and confused. I had no idea what he meant or who he was. He spoke again,

“It’s ok, Mary, don’t be scared.  You’ve got nothing to fear.  I’m Gabriel, God’s messenger.  God sees your heart.  He knows how much you love him.  He has a surprise for you.  You’re going to become pregnant and give birth to a son.  He’s going to have the name, Jesus.  He will be great, the Son of God – one day he’ll be king forever.

I was stunned, but managed to blurt out, “H-how? How is this possible? I’ve never been with a man.”

The angel replied, “The power of God will come upon you.  The child inside you will be called Holy one, son of God.  Nothing is impossible for God. Even your relative, Elizabeth has become pregnant in her old age! She’s 6 months pregnant already, and she’ll have a baby boy.  You see, God’s word will never fail.”

You might wonder how I felt in that moment. Was I still scared? Absolutely. But that wasn’t all. It may seem unbelievable to you but there was peace in my heart, as well as a feeling of joy that was bubbling up inside of me.

The angel seemed to be waiting for my response. What could I possibly say to him? I felt calm enough to answer, “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.” 

And just like that, the angel left me.

Next morning, I wondered if this had all been a dream.  After all, what the angel had said was simply unbelievable – impossible, even. How could it be true? But then I remembered the angel’s words about Elizabeth. Pregnant? Wow, she was old enough to be a grandmother. Could she really become a mother at her age?

There was only one way to find out. I asked mum and dad for permission to travel to visit her and Zechariah – it had been a long time since we’d seen them, after all.

The long walk gave me plenty of time to think and pray.  I love my Lord. I would do anything to serve him. I couldn’t believe that this was the task he had for me – a mere girl, nobody important. And then, of course, there was Joseph. We’re due to be married next year. The whole village is talking about it – everyone’s been invited. But what will happen now? Will he still want to marry me once he discovers my news? I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t. On my journey I poured out all these thoughts to God. 

When I arrived Elizabeth greeted me, and there she was – 6 months pregnant by now. It was true! God had done the impossible, just as the angel had said! We embraced, and Elizabeth cried out,

“How God’s blessed you and your child, Mary! Why am I so honoured to be visited by the mother of my Lord? When I saw you, my baby jumped for joy. You’re blessed because you believed that God would do what he said!”

This time I couldn’t contain myself, the joy burst out of me, 

“My soul praises God, my Spirit rejoices in my Saviour! He’s noticed me, a lowly servant girl, and done great things for me. I AM so blessed!”

It hadn’t been a dream after all. This is really happening. I‘m going to be the mother of the Saviour. God’s done the impossible in me. I know he will give me the strength to do his will. I don’t know how dear Joseph will react, if he’ll stay with me, or what my parents will say, but I trust that God will carry me through. May his will be done.

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