Was it badly planned? (A Christmas poem)

Dear God and Lord almighty, creator of it all,
I have a few questions about the Christmas festival.
Each year we remember these events so long ago – 
We sing and tell the story – but there’s lots I still don’t know.
You see, the problem is, I don’t quite understand
Why it happened the way it did – was it badly planned?

Your mother was a peasant girl, so fragile and so young,
Her fiance was a hero, reluctant and unsung.
How did you know they’d bear the load, that they wouldn’t crack?
Why take such a massive risk – there would be no way back.
Why involve us humans – we could have made a mess
Of this great salvation plan – it could have cost you less.

You could have come in splendour more fitting for a king
– anything would have been better for the Lord of everything – 
So, why choose rejection? why choose the manger?
Why those first visitors – it couldn’t get much stranger
than these smelly shepherds. Could you really trust them?
They were outcasts, after all, not creme-de la creme.

Surely such a baby deserves a V.I.P.
Not riff-raff or outsiders, not people just like me.
Or was that just the point? Do we need to know
We’re infinitely precious – is that what Christmas shows?
Was the Christ-child born for all? Is it really true
that Immanuel – God-with-us – is the perfect gift from you? 

And can I really come to you in all my sin and shame? 
Do you take me as I am, give me a brand new name?
“Beloved” now, and “chosen”, “forgiven” and set free –
Accepted by the Saviour, who lived and died for me.  
I simply cannot take it in, not even a tiny part
But I thank you, God, for Christmas, from the bottom of my heart.

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