All Your Children

I am made in your image –
Like all your children.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made –
But so are all your children.
A product of the master craftsman –
Along with all your children.
Of infinite worth –
Like all your children.
Unique – a once-off –
Like all your children.

There were no mistakes in your handiwork
You didn’t need to go back to the drawing board
There is breathtaking beauty
– In all your children.

Help me to see your hand on me
Help me to be free to be the way you’ve made me
Help me to respect and cherish diversity –
No room for jealousy or superiority.
You’ve painted rainbow people,
Help me to bring out all the colours
Help me to love indiscriminately
Help me to bridge the gap
Help me to help them fly
Help me to honour you, to bring glory to you
in the way I love, in the way I serve
All your children.

7 March 2013

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