A dream of the church

I have a dream… 

I dream of a people 
who love God
with all their heart, 
and strength;
Who worship with passion, 
serve with conviction, 
who hunger for revelation, 
who know and love God's Word, 
who know they will never stop learning;
lifelong disciples 
who follow Jesus faithfully 
knowing they are loved by the King
– accepted and forgiven people.

A dream of a grace-filled 
Spirit-fuelled people, 
who love until it hurts, 
who step out boldly 
and shine light in dark places;
who welcome all 
who rejoice with those who rejoice 
and weep with those who weep, 
bringing peace, 
love and hope 
wherever they go; 
a people for whom generosity and hospitality 
is instinctive, 
who see and develop potential
in each other and others.

A dream of a transformed people 
who bring transformation, 
a restored people 
who bring restoration, 
a healed people 
who bring healing.

A dream of God's people 
His beloved bride, 
His body, 
His temple, 
His holy nation.

A dream of the Church.

– Andy March (April 2012)

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