Advent and Christmas

A selection of reflections, poetry and monologues (mostly from the perspective of characters who feature in the story), written for and suitable for use in services in schools and in all-age settings in church.

Peruse below, or click to find monologues from the perspective of Mary, Joseph, Gabriel, Elizabeth, a shepherd, a wise man or, of course, the donkey!

A Donkey’s Tale

Inspired by Luke 2:1-7 Hello, my name’s Darrell, the donkey.  You’ll never guess what happened to me the other day… I was in Nazareth minding my business eating grass, thinking very important donkey thoughts, and that sort of thing, when Joseph came up to me, looking rather flustered.  He told me we were going on an adventure … Continue reading A Donkey’s Tale

Remembering with Mary – A service of reflection during Christmas season

This is made up of a series of monologues from Mary’s perspective. I suggest asking different people to read the different reflections. Feel free to choose different carols/readings. This has been used for the Sunday after Christmas, but again, could fit elsewhere. Opening prayer Carol – O come, all ye faithful Reading – Luke 2:19 But … Continue reading Remembering with Mary – A service of reflection during Christmas season

God’s great gift to us all – an Online Rhyming Nativity Play

This is a rhyming nativity that I’ve written for our Christmas Eve all age service, when usually the church building would be full of people from our community. Instead, this year I’m hoping to invite people to contribute by recording themselves reading a line or two, hopefully dressed to look the part – it’ll be … Continue reading God’s great gift to us all – an Online Rhyming Nativity Play

Joseph’s Story

based on Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 2:1-7 Hi everyone, my name’s Joseph and I’ve been asked to tell you the story of the most incredible thing that’s ever happened to me.  I’m an ordinary carpenter from Nazareth, in Galilee, the north of the country.  I was excited – I’d just got engaged to Mary, a beautiful girl … Continue reading Joseph’s Story

Mary’s Story

The following is based on Luke 1:26-56 Do you ever wonder whether something’s really happening to you, or if it’s just a dream? Well, a few months ago, I was at home, doing my chores when I looked up and a man was standing there. He’d just appeared out of nowhere. Light shone from him, … Continue reading Mary’s Story

What’s so special about shepherds? – A Sketch

Inspired by Luke 2:8-20 SCENE 1 [THREE SHEPHERDS ASLEEP IN THE FIELDS, SNORING LOUDLY.] [Enter GABRIEL, dressed in white suit.] GABRIEL:                    Ahem! [coughs politely]  [SHEPHERDS still snoring loudly.] [GABRIEL coughs louder.  SHEPHERDS still asleep.] GABRIEL:                    OI!  [SHEPHERDS grunt and stir, but sleep on.] GABRIEL:                    There’s only one thing for it.  A bit of glory’s called for. [CLAPS HANDS TWICE.] [STAGE … Continue reading What’s so special about shepherds? – A Sketch

The Shepherd’s Story

Based on Luke 2:8-20 It’s the most incredible news!  You’ll never believe what I’ve seen tonight.  It’s just incredible, I can’t believe it? Well, me and the other guys, we were out in the fields outside Bethlehem, watching our flocks by night – no, watching our flocks, not washing our socks – anyway, we were minding our … Continue reading The Shepherd’s Story

An unexpected visitor

Has it ever occurred to you how incredible Mary was? I’m not sure that many people would have been willing to be part of what, if you really think about it, was a crazy idea.  She can teach us a great deal about costly obedience and radical faith.  I wonder if Mary was the first young woman … Continue reading An unexpected visitor

The Journey of the Magi

based on Matthew 2:1-12 I hate camels.  Hate ‘em. If I ever see – or smell – another camel in my life, it’ll be too soon. Grumpy, stubborn creatures. There’s no moving them if they’ve really got the hump.  My wife would say that they take after their masters, but I have no idea what she’s talking … Continue reading The Journey of the Magi

The Messenger

Hi everyone, can you tell what I am? That’s right, I’m an angel – not just any angel – my name is Gabriel.  You might have heard of me.  Do you know what I do – apart from look magnificent, that is – do you like my wings? Anyway, I work for the great I am, the … Continue reading The Messenger

He’s taken away my shame – Elizabeth’s story

The following is based on Luke 1:5-25. Well, hello everyone, my name is Elizabeth.  I used to be known as “sad Elizabeth” because myself and Zechariah were unable to have any children, and everyone knew that it was my body that wasn’t working, not Zechariah’s.   What’s that, Zechariah? You didn’t tell them that? No, I know, you never … Continue reading He’s taken away my shame – Elizabeth’s story

The Song of Simeon

based on Luke 2:25-35 I have always loved the Scriptures, ever since I was a boy.  When I was young, I was drawn to the heroism of people like Moses and David, and even Gideon, who rose to lead their nations to victory against their enemies.  I knew their stories off by heart.  I prayed every night that … Continue reading The Song of Simeon

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